Good letter. Keep 'em coming, especially in this phase of the crypto/nft markets.

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Great article! Down bad, but sticking around (albeit switching to a weekly ETH buy and trying to remember what my day job looks like...)

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Honestly feel pretty similar - even though I actually did trade throughout 2017-now, I wish I had made the switch to *building* and taking meaningful steps to understand the technology a lot earlier. On the one hand, there weren't as many great resources back then (and package managers have become sooo much nicer), although to be fair, it was almost as difficult for me to set up my own node on Akash a few months ago as on Storj in 2018.

Oh and also, I like to set up limit buys *all* the way down for btc & eth (like down to $0.10). Not so much that I think they'd recover from a real crash down that low, but to catch flash crashes. One happened on Coinbase shortly after I got started and some lucky guy made a few $M. Happens on Kraken every few years it seems like. Maybe there'll never be another one but doesn't hurt to put a few dollars down there :)

One thing I *still* don't understand though: what's the point of putting *any* currency in stablecoins as opposed to just having actual usd reserves? Do you just mean for reserves that don't allow fiat? (I know bittrex used to be that way but I'm not sure any that remain that way.)

Anyway, first time here, but was a nice read. Thanks and hope you continue to grow in your web3 journey!

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